Namling County Schools Project - Current Needs

Colette Smith, former BLSCP member, had the privilege of visiting the rural Namling County area of Tibet in November 2000. She met with school officials and regional education professionals. Cash donations are appreciated and will be used to print books and purchase other needed school supplies. We assisted in building the first vocational training school in this area.

Ema-Gang Vocational Training School, for young adults, is first school of its kind in the area.

Provides job training for construction skills, tailoring/seamstress, and tractor repair. Long-term plans for adding classes for improving high-altitude agricultural skills.

How You Can Help

Cash Donations, for any of the current needs
Cash Donations, for printing of Tibetan language books and schools supplies

Information on tax-deductible donations may be found on the BLSCP Contact Us page.
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