62% Fundraising Progress for Helping 56 Tibetan Children with Lhungtse’s Disease - 1 August 2017
Click here to view a summary of our new project, with photos and budget. Click on cysticercosis for detailed information provided by United States CDC. Thanks to 63 different individuals, foundations, and corporations, we have now raised $22,738, which is 62% of our goal. October 2017 is when we will administer the MRI brain scans. If we can not raise our entire budget, a lottery procedure will determine which students will go to Xichang. Your compassion and generosity will be deeply appreciated by these 56 children and their families.


Shuiluo Student MRI Fundraiser Dinner - 7 May 2017
We held a Fundraiser Dinner at Tibet’s Restaurant on May 7 to benefit the 56 Tibetan children with Lhungtse’s disease. Tamdin Wangdu, Founder and Executive Director, Tibetan Village Project, was our guest speaker. From the Fundraiser Dinner itself and associated donations, we raised $7,098 from 27 different donors.


Bill and Shari take Lhungtse to Her Neurologist - 30 October-7 November 2016
Bill Warnock and Shari Mayer traveled to Chengdu, Sichuan, to take Lhungtse to her neurologist, Dr. Zeng Xian Rong, for an examination and tests. Because she had suffered from a larger number of epileptic seizures this year, Dr. Zeng prescribed a second medicine for her. Then they returned Lhungtse and her mother to their home in Yajiang. Click here to view our trip report with 4 photos (PDF). Our excellent Kham Tour was again provided by Conscious Journeys, which is a Tibetan-owned and -operated social-enterprise travel company that (1) develops a unique community-based tourism product, (2) provides authentic travel experiences, and (3) creates market access for local communities.

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