Health Care on the Tibetan Plateau
Updates to Trip Report - 29 January 2018
On December 31, Jason Zhang, Xinhua News Agency, Chengdu Bureau, published a story on BLSCP’s work on cysticercosis. Click here to view the story. We thanked Jason for his excellent story and sent him the following corrections: For Lhosang’s surgery BLSCP actually contributed 63,759 yuan ($9,707), which covered a major part of her hospital costs. Cysticercosis is prevalent in China mostly in farming, not herding, areas because pigs are raised and consumed mostly by farmers living at moderate elevations, not herders living at high elevations. Also, cysticercosis is sometimes, not always, fatal.

Click here to view updates, with 4 photos, to our trip report on implementing our Shuiluo Student MRI Project in October 2017.


Health Care on the Tibetan Plateau
Successful Student MRI Project Conducted in October - 22 November 2017
Click here to view a report, with cost data and 15 photos, of our recent trip to implement our Shuiluo Student MRI Project. Click on cysticercosis (the parasitic disease that caused Lhungtse’s blindness) for detailed information provided by United States CDC. Our excellent Kham Tour was again provided by Conscious Journeys, which is a Tibetan-owned and -operated social-enterprise travel company that (1) develops a unique community-based tourism product, (2) provides authentic travel experiences, and (3) creates market access for local communities.

On October 19, 44 Tibetan students from Shuiluo Primary School boarded two buses for a two-day trip to Xichang to receive MRI brain scans. The school is located in a remote part of Muli Tibetan Autonomous County, Liangshan Prefecture, (southern) Sichuan Province. Even though they were chaperoned by several teachers, departing from home was an emotional experience. Some of the kids had previously never been outside of Muli County.
On October 21, the Radiology Department of Liangshan Prefecture People’s Hospital #1 in Xichang efficiently performed the MRI brain scans for the 44 students and 3 adults. The hospital dedicated the MRI facility (shown here) to our project for the day. While the MRIs were being performed, Dr. Li Tiaoying and Bill Warnock educated the students and adults on the life cycle of the parasite and intervention measures that can prevent the disease.


Friendship on the Tibetan Plateau
Several Media Reports Published on the Work of BLSCP - 15 November 2017
In early October, Xinhua News Agency, Los Angeles Bureau, sent a senior editor/correspondent to Boulder to interview Bill Warnock and others. Click here to view the story.

Click here to view the English version of a subsequent broadcast on CNC TV. The video clip at this link displays on a mobile/cell phone browser but not on a desktop browser.

Click here to view the Chinese version of a subsequent broadcast on CNC TV.

On November 1, a reporter interviewed Bill Warnock for the Boulder Daily Camera newspaper. Click here to view the story.


Health Care on the Tibetan Plateau
Shuiluo Student MRI Fundraiser Dinner - 7 May 2017
We held a Fundraiser Dinner at Tibet’s Restaurant on May 7 to benefit the 56 Tibetan children with Lhungtse’s disease. Tamdin Wangdu, Founder and Executive Director, Tibetan Village Project, was our guest speaker. From the Fundraiser Dinner itself and associated donations, we raised $7,098 from 27 different donors.

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