Lhasa Kungshon Language School

Lhasa Kungshon Language School, established in 1988 in Lhasa, Tibet, by Lhobsang Pandan, performs a significant and innovative role in enhancing educational opportunities for the population of Tibet. Young adult students, mostly ethnic Tibetans, whose literacy, second language, and computer skills often need improvement for employment, learn ways to help themselves achieve a higher standard of living. Boulder-Lhasa Sister City Project (BLSCP) has been an official sponsor for this school since 1995.
Lhasa Kungshon Language School has educated 15,000 part-time students in languages (English, Tibetan, Chinese, French, Japanese and German), 700 students in vocational skills, and 3,000 students in computer literacy and software usage. The school has given 1,200 scholarships to students with disabilities and financial difficulties. Students pay only 35% of the tuition costs. These payments are supplemented by funds raised by selling Tibetan wool rugs, hand-woven for the school. This rug business employs local Tibetans (mostly women) in traditional crafts, while the funds raised benefit young adults with job skill improvements and, therefore, enhanced employment opportunities.
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